ERGANAL with a continuous operation since 1925 is the oldest private laboratory in Greece. Throughout its long history the lab has been providing quality control services to ensure product quality and consumer safety. In 2015, ERGANAL and QACS teamed up. Today ERGANAL is a modern laboratory, accredited according to ISO 17025 providing  quality support to the food and environment industries.

In 2021 the ERGANAL laboratories with a long tradition in quality control of food, beverages and other consumer and industrial products finalized their cooperation with the chemical laboratories Poulimenakos which are active for over 50 years in the food sector. With this collaboration, ERGANAL incorporates in its potential the long experience of Poulimenakos laboratories, strengthens the know-how of the laboratory and expands the field of services to individuals and companies.

ERGANAL frequently participates in research projects co-financed by the European Union in the context of Research and Innovation. You can learn more here.

The industries served are food and beverages, food supplements, animal feed and seeds, water and wastewater, environmental and industrial materials. You can see all the services here. For information on future projects contact-2104171597- [email protected]