ERGANAL laboratories participate in research programs, combining academic and private sector laboratories. Through this, Erganal has the opportunity to network in research partnerships and engage in extroversion procedures. This gives us the chance to extend our databases, enrich our research investigations and collaborate with other laboratories and research companies.  Participation in research programs is providing leverage for the widening of personnel experience. Through these projects we gain brilliant expertise and extend our know how in the fields of interest. New services are developed, existing services are upgraded and then proposed to our end user, the food industry.

Development of a Digital Platform for the management of microbiological, chemical and multi-spectral data of Food Safety and Quality. 

The main objective of the EU co-funded project is the development of a web-platform, which will manage and process multi-variated data of microbial and chemical food safety, along with phenotypic and molecular fingerprints of pathogenic isolates. Ultimate goal is to assess the risk of consumers’ exposure to hazards and accurately track potential contamination sources 

Platform data will depict in time and space the safety of foods produced by the industry in comparison with global trends, so as to address the need for targeted corrective actions. Although in the first place, the dbase will refer to pre-defined microbial strains and chemical contaminants, it will be expandable by authorized users and capable of hosting additional foodborne hazards of biological (or chemical  nature.  For more information or interest in participating in the program you can find more  here