• Label review & Nutritional Analysis
  • Additives, Contaminants, Aflatoxin testing
  • Microbiological Food Testing
  • Molecular testing
  • Stability & Shelf life testing
  • GMO testing
  • Packaging migration
  • Honey Analysis

QA, QC laboratory testing services for Foodstuffs & food Packaging materials. Served industries concern Food & Beverages, Feed & Crops, Water & Wastewater, Environmental & Industrial sectors. Since its establishment in 1925, Erganal provides accredited testing services aiming to ensure consumer safety & product quality. Microbiology, Chemistry and Molecular analysis. Microbiological, chemical & molecular services concern GMO, Packaging Migration, Regulatory & Quality Assurance testing. In 2015 Erganal and QACS were brought together under the organization QACS Ltd. Mission of the laboratories is the qualitative improvement of food, environment and their safety standards. In this context Erganal’s services are complied with national & international standards & validate product claims based on acceptance standards. Both Labs participate in research projects, collaborate with selected international research & testing laboratories and are ISO 17025 accredited. For information on future projects please contact us at info@erganal.gr

Brief Description of the Project Development of a Digital Platform for management of microbiological, chemical and multi-spectral data of Food

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QuaAuthentic_GR principal aim is to verify the quality standards of Greek traditional products of high added value, so as to

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Proficiency Testing

Food Testing solutions, Food Testing laboratory, Proficiency testing Food, Feed, Water. Microbiological and chemical testing for Food

ERGANAL is a member of QACS laboratories, representing the FAPAS proficiency test provider since 2002. FAPAS offers the largest ranges

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Food Testing services, Environmental testing services, Water testing, Environmental monitoring testing services, Industrial material testing

Industrial, Water & Waste ERGANAL’s laboratories have a long experience in the quality control of industrial processes and materials. These

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To view ERGANAL & QACS ISO 17025 accreditation click the image below

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