Erganal laboratories provide ISO 17025 accredited testing services to the Food, Feed, Crops and Packaging industries. We accomplish our mission framed by highly trained and experienced scientists in state-of-art equipped facilities.  ERGANAL’s equipment indicatively includes:

  • Equipment for sample preparation, milling, separation, homogenization, as required by the international protocols applied, as in the case of aflatoxins
  • Multiple arrays of Soxhlet extractors and Kjeldahl distillation apparatus
  • Instrumental chemical analysis equipment to frame a well-equipped analytical laboratory. These include: Gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC), Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), equipped with all variants of techniques and all kinds of detectors (Flame, Hydride, GFA, FID, ECD, NPD, MS, MS/MS, UV/VIS, Fluorescence, RI)
  • Fully equipped Molecular and Microbiology laboratories
  • Storage and testing equipment for Shelf Life & Stability tests. Climatic chambers, texture analyzer, oxidability, imaging analyzer

For information on future projects please contact us at info@erganal.gr