ISO 17025

At Erganal laboratories we have an ISO 17025 accredited management and technical system, which allows us to follow regulatory guidelines, comply with local and international food safety regulations and adapt to customer requirements. We perform specific types of testing, measurement and calibrations as well as reproduce and assure quality of analytical results. ERGANAL Labs provide Quality assurance & Quality control laboratory testing services. Laboratory testing services apply to Food & Beverages, Feed & Crops, Water & Wastewater, Environmental & Industrial and Packaging materials. Services are complied with national & international standards. Labs validate product claims based on acceptance standards and are ISO17025 accredited.

Meeting ISO 17025 requirements gives Erganal a competitive advantage within the industry to provide quality controls and quality assurance analyzes, that comply with current regulatory standards. 

In 2015 ERGANAL and QACS were brought together under the organization QACS Ltd. Mission of the laboratories is the qualitative improvement of food, environment and their safety standards. Both Labs participate in research projects, collaborate with selected international research & testing laboratories and are ISO 17025 accredited. 

For more information about our methods, accreditations and our quality system please contact us.