Packaging Migration

By 2025, bottles of PET-polyethylene terephthalate- are required to be consisted of 25% recycled materials. Aim of the Directive is to reduce waste by giving priority to the use of sustainable, non-toxic reused materials and systems. To ensure Packaging safety, ERGANAL provides all necessary Migration Testing services. Protect your Packaging & ensure Materials safety!

👉🏻 How do variant packaging resources and materials affect consumer safety & product integrity? Our Labs test and analyze Green packaging for FMCG industries.
Packaging solutions for sustainable packaging concern biodegradable and recyclable materials. Contact Materials to be tested include: Active packaging, Cellulose, Paper & Board, Metal & Alloys, Glass & Ceramics, Plastic.
🔬 Adhesives, Regenerated cellulose, Rubbers, Silicones, Varnishes and coatings are also tested.

Food Authenticity

✔️Food safety ✔️Labeling ✔️Consumer safety

Accredited GMO testing services from ERGANAL assist food and feed producers comply with labeling requirements. As genetic modification is increasing worldwide, accurate GMO test are essential. Proceeding to molecular food testing provides you solutions!

✔️Microbial Identification ✔️Rapid Pathogen Detection ✔️Food Authenticity ✔️GMO Testing

Detection of Food Fraud ▪️Certify Authenticity ▪️Ensure added product value
ERGANAL provides solutions to producers, manufacturers & retailers of Food, Feed & Beverages.

Chemical Food Testing

Shelf-life tests evaluate and document how long foods maintain their intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties.  ERGANAL specializes in accelerated ageing technology for shelf-life testing.

Accredited Honey testing

✔️Quality analysis✔️Botanical origin-Authenticity ✔️Pollen Analysis ✔️Sugars -Sucrose, Glucose, Maltose, Fructose. Honey Testing from ERGANAL

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Acrylamide Testing

Monitor Acrylamide content on all heat processes starch snacks & οffer consumers the happiness to enjoy a crispy snack! ERGANAL provides accredited solutions on your testing needs.

Detecting Olive Oil Authenticity is fundamental for olive oil producers.  Using the advanced laboratory equipment and experienced and qualified team, ERGANAL provides a comprehensive range of olive oil tests that are required for quality, authenticity and labelling purposes.