ERGANAL laboratories participate in research programs, combining academic and private sector laboratories. Through this, Erganal has the opportunity to network in research partnerships and engage in extroversion procedures. This gives us the chance to extend our databases, enrich our research investigations and collaborate with other laboratories and research companies.  Participation in research programs is providing leverage for the widening of personnel experience. Through these projects we gain brilliant expertise and extend our knowhow in the fields of interest. New services are developed, existing services are upgraded and then proposed to our end user, the food industry.

QuaAuthentic_GR principal aim is to verify the quality standards of Greek traditional products of high added value, so as to

a. protect final consumers from non-authentic food products and

b. enhance Greek food producers/suppliers/service establishments to competitively enter and remain in national and international markets.

A holistic approach will be followed commencing from the basic research through development of innovative “tools”, to verify the authenticity of Greek olive oil and honey through estimating their distinctive both qualitative and quantitative profile according to their geographical/botanical origin. To meet this purpose, among other innovative “non-destructive/non-invasive” laboratory analyses and chemometrics will be applied, in the context of metabolomics. This will be framed by appropriately designed educational activities to enhance food producers, food service operators and consumer’s awareness as regards authenticity and adulteration issues. To manage all the afore mentioned, accredited food laboratories, research organizations and food service establishments are to collaborate.