sensory testing

Sensory Analysis

ERGANAL laboratories provide testing services to ensure the safety of food and consumers. We provide accredited testing and we reliably control materials that come in contact with food (FCMs) such as plastics, paper, metals and alloys, ceramics, etc.

Any material or article intended to come into direct or indirect food contact must be sufficiently inert. Inert food contact materials preclude the transfer of harmful substances to food, thus protecting human health or bringing unacceptable changes in food composition or deteriorating its organoleptic properties.

Following the instructions from the European regulation (EC) 1935/2004, the sensory testing e.g. organoleptic control of the materials in contact with the food should be carried out. The aim of the test is to investigate whether contact between food and packaging materials leads to organoleptic alterations of food characteristics. ERGANAL labs provide consulting services and trained testing panels to control and detect possible alterations based on DIN 10955 and EN 1230: 2009.


Sensory Tests