gmo testing

Molecular Solutions for Food

Fraudulent food practices undermine consumer confidence and hinder healthy trade. ERGANAL provides molecular testing solutions to ensure product quality and consumer safety related to Microbial Identification, Rapid Pathogen Detection, Food Authenticity and GMO Testing. Molecular testing services are included in ERGANAL’s  laboratory accreditation range.

We meet industries needs with fast and competitive laboratory solutions (food & beverage, animal feed, seeds, water, wastewater & environment).  Multi-spectrum imaging services are also provided to explore information about composition, texture, quality of products. ERGANAL’s experienced scientists provide all the necessary information tailored to your needs.

We test

  • Meat & meat products
  • Dairy Products
  • Food mixes (pies, pastries)
  • Fruits vegetables
  • Coffee
  • Drinks-Juices
  • Animal Feed

Ensure product safety with rapid molecular solutions!