molecular food testing

Rapid Pathogen Identification

Product recalls, pathogenic contamination and non regulatory compliance are problems related with food spoilage. ERGANAL Labs provide solutions with the most sensitive and reliable method of identification. DNA Microbial identification tests serve quality control, contaminant detection and microbiological monitoring purposes of finished products, air and surfaces. The method detects Salmonella spp, Listeria spp, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella.


Microorganisms in Food & Beverages

To ensure unhindered food production, microorganism identification is crucial to be  made rapidly. As pathogenic bacteria cause growing public health concern worldwide, ERGANAL Laboratories provide product safety solutions by performing accurate and rapid (24h) detection of pathogens via Real Time PCR.

Sensitive detection of Bacteria and Yeast is performed for Juices, Soft Drinks, Wine, Beer. The analysis is performed in 48 hours and offers robust results for the timely microbiological assessment of  production.

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