Microbiological Food Testing

Microbiological Food testing

Microbiological food testing is critical for food safety. Therefore proceeding to microbiological food testing allows to food manufacturers, retailers and caterers to ensure product safety & avoid future losses within the production line. ERGANAL Labs perform accredited microbiological Laboratory testing services for Food, Feed, Crops, Beverages and Food supplements in fast turnaround times. Microbiological testing methods are ISO 17025 accredited. We test: Processed food & meat, Ready to eat products, Dairy products, Confectionery, Sodas & Soft drinks, Potable water & more.

Our methodology:

We test for TVC, Yeasts & Moulds, Total Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, Pathogen detection, Lactic acid bacteria, Pseudomonas. Our microbiology laboratory experts identify microbial strains and provide evaluation on possible findings of contaminants from your product’s microbiological testing.

Environmental Monitoring

ERGANAL labs also provide Molecular testing solutions for Environmental testing services. Genetic analysis testing aims to ensure Quality Control, Contaminant Detection and Microbiological Surveillance of finished productsingredientswater samples and production areas. Isolated microbes constitute candidates for identification, especially if their numbers exceed alert or action limits. The name of the microorganism’s species could play a significant role in the investigation of it’s source and in the root cause analysis. ERGANAL provides:

  1. Microbial identification results in fast turn around times
  2. Scientific guidance and solutions to further facilitate the microorganism’s investigation
  3. Root cause analysis of any microbial contamination

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