Molecular testing

ERGANAL performs Authenticity, GMO and Microbial Monitoring testing services. Molecular solutions address to Food & Beverages, Feed & Crops, Water & Wastewater, Environmental & Industrial materials. ERGANAL’s accredited molecular solutions examine finished products, air and surfaces. 

GMO TestingQualitative and Quantitative GMO testing for seeds, flour, feed and food. We offer a wide range of accredited genetic modifications tests for soyacorn and cotton and other plant species. GMO analysis concern Genetic Isolation & Detection, Genetic modification & Detection and Common genetic modifications detection.

Microbial IdentificationWith DNA technology (PCR-Sequencing), the most reliable microbial identification  method, species level is performed in short time. Along with the name of the species, information’s about ecology, classification, growth conditions, possible pathogenesis and a brief description are provided. At the same time, scientific instructions and solutions for further investigation of the microbiological source (root cause analysis) and resolution of the microbiological cause are being provided. Identification includes Bacteria, Yeasts, and  Fungi (Molds).

Food Pathogen DetectionPathogenic bacteria are of growing concern for public health worldwide. We perform Food Pathogen Testing to ensure the safety of your product by performing reliable and fast detection (24h) through Real Time PCR.

Food Authenticity Testing

DNA Barcoding. With specific molecular tools, a small part of the DNA of an organism is multiplied via PCR and its sequence is analyzed in Sanger Sequencing to detect botanicalfish or animal authenticity. The resulting sequence is compared with others in validated sequence databases and the species name is assigned. The TAT is 5-7 working days.

Animal Species Detection. ERGANAL Labs perform Authenticity testing to detect animal species in food and feed products. Meat Species testing is performed with Real Time PCR to identify: Sheep, Goat, Bovine, Pork,  Porcine at HALAL level, Horse, Chicken, Turkey, Meat in general (VEGAN) and others. Semi-Quantitation is performed if needed. TAT is 3-5 working days.

Organisms profile (NGS analysis). Species & organisms in complex food mixtures like sausages, cheeses or pies, are identified vie Next Generation sequencing (NGS). ERGANAL identifies species both qualitatively and quantitatively, as a result, the proportion of every organism is given. TAT is 30 working days. 

Environmental Monitoring

Quality systems must ensure the absence of microbial contamination from production areas and subsequently from finished products. The name of the species of the microorganism could play a significant role in the investigation of its source and in the root cause analysis. Microbes isolated from finished productsingredientswater samples and production areas, are candidates for identification. Especially if their numbers exceed alert or action limits. We offer scientific guidance and solutions to further facilitate the microorganism’s investigation and proceed to root cause analysis of any microbial contamination.