Packaging migration

Food Contact Materials (FCM) that come into contact with food must be checked to ensure consumer safety and regulatory compliance. Especially for the FMCG sector, the interaction between packaging and content is of great importance. The introduction of new packaging materials, monomers, oligomers and additives, requires for increased stringency within the permissible limits laid down in European Union regulations.

We provide Overall and Specific analyses on packaging materials to ensure material suitability and consumer safety.

● Overall Migration

Overall Migration refers to the inertness of the Food Contact Materials. Τesting is performed under standardised test conditions including testing time, temperature and test medium (food simulant) representing worst foreseeable conditions of use of the plastic material or article. Implementation of internationally accepted EN1186 methods and our ISO 17025 accreditation, makes us your analysis partner to test all packaging materials.

● Specific Migration

We perform analytical studies on the specific migration of FCM. Tests many include phthalates, heavy metals, bisphenol A and a variety of monomers. 

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